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Derek Cole and William Skipper have almost 50 years of combined experience in the HVAC field. You'll get worksheets and action steps that help you start a path to cleaner air. If you've ever wondered how people live with healthier indoor air at their homes, then this is for you.


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We've done the research to find ALL the best systems and tools you'll need for a path to cleaner and better indoor air at home. We've created the discounts and best deals on everything needed to start your journey towards a healthy home. This will save you hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours of browsing to find what you need! 


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FREE 5-Day 
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5 Video Training Lessons, Worksheets 
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  • ​Learn the Ultimate Tools To Give You A Healthier Home 
  • ​Why is Indoor Air Worse Than Outdoor Air
  • ​What is The Difference Between Air Filtration and Air Cleaning
  • ​Learn Why Airflow is Important and What Your Duct System Is Designed to Do
  • ​See the proper method to clean an existing duct system
  • ​The Methods to Stop A Leading Cause of Wasted Energy
  • ​Learn the Basics of What Can Help Your System Operate More Efficiently
  • ​Why there is growth, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores in Your Indoor Air and within your HVAC system
  • ​How to Attack and Sterilize Those Infectious Agents in your home with Natural Products Not Chemicals
  • ​How to Combat The Odors and Gases Created by Everyday Products in Your Home

Let one of the areas leading companies teach you the strategies and tools needed to create a healthy home!
Here is what you will learn each day: 

Day 1 - Air Filters

Why people struggle so much with a healthy indoor air environment. What is a MERV rating on your air filter and why does it matter?

Day 2 - Air Cleaning

What is the difference between filtration and cleaning? We spend 90% of our time indoors and exposures will happen at home.

Day 3 - Duct System

The importance and function of a proper duct system. The methods used to clean existing duct and an explanation of why cleaning and sealing is critical.

Day 4 - Harness the Power of the Sun

Why there is growth in HVAC systems and the best way to combat those infectious agents without using harmful chemicals.

Day 5 - Control Toxic Gases & Odors

Where toxic compounds come from in your house and how you can start to eliminate those gases and odors.

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